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Сost of a heat pump

Questionnaire for requesting the cost of a heating system on the basis of a “turnkey” heat pump

Сost of a heat pump под ключ расчет стоимости теплового насоса

How can the cost of a heat pump be reduced?

In the first place, it is necessary to follow the recommendations given by many manufacturers – to choose a heat pump with a thermal power of about 80% of the required (rated) power for heating the house. This leads to the fact that such equipment will be able to independently heat the building, to a temperature in the street not lower than -10 … -15 ° C. On colder days it is recommended to turn on the help of an additional heat source, such as an electric boiler (can be switched on automatically). As temperatures below -10 … -15 ° C are not so common, the cost of operating an additional, non-economical source of heat, during the heating season, will be minimal, while the cost of the heat pump will be less.

How to choose the right heat pump, read in article (of course if you know the Russian language) – https://freenergy.com.ua/ru/selection-ru/

About the thermal mode of the building here

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